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Millennials Don't Need Retirement Income Planning or Financial Advice!

Or do they? According to a survey in 2014 by TD Bank conducted on millennial banking habits, the results of the survey indicated that millennials require more support and advice with their personal finances.
Although 59% of millennials reported that they are “extremely” or “very” knowledgeable about their day-to-day banking, they still want advice on personal finance topics, including:
  • Savings (32%)

  • Creating a budget (30%)

  • Credit cards (26%)

Research shows that financial education is a key component of financial success. And providing useful financial education is a primary goal for RIPOC. We intend to do this for everyone including millennials. So we invite our millennial visitors to provide us with questions they may have regarding retirement income planning or financial advice for challenges like reducing debt, saving for retirement in your early working years, dealing with taxes, etc.


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