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You Ask, 

We Answer

Here are some of the questions we hear everyday. If you have any questions, just ask and we will do or best to answer.

1.    Can I afford to retire?

2.    At what age can I afford to retire?

3.    Do I have enough that I can stop working and still keep the lifestyle I enjoy today?

4.    How much money do I need to have to be able to retire?

5.    What happens to my income when the stock market corrects like it did in 2008-09?

6.    How do I get paid my monthly income needs?

7.    Will I lose my old age security?

8.    How much money will the government take from our heirs when we die?

9.    Can I avoid paying death taxes?

10.    How many streams of retirement income are there?

11.    I am a Millennial so I don’t need a retirement income plan do I?

12.    What are the tax implications of giving back philanthropically?

13.    For a business owner what are the advantages of an Individual Pension Plan (IPP)?

14.    What are the legal tax shelters in Canada?

15.    How do I plan for the potential costs of health care during retirement?

If you would like to see the answers to these questions please email your request to us at

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